A week on the road with OPERA Iowa!

Our educational touring troupe has officially hit the road for its 31st annual outreach tour! This year’s tour will bring the troupe to Iowa, Wisconsin and Missouri as they perform Jack & the Beanstalk, a children’s opera by John Davies, and Rossini’s The Barber of Seville, for schools and communities across the region.

Here’s a look at OPERA Iowa’s first day on the road:

Monday, February 27, 2017: DAY ONE!

Opera Iowa.jpg

The troupe kicked off the 2017 OPERA Iowa tour with a residency at Novak Elementary in Marion, Iowa. After arriving at 8:00am, the technical director, Anthony met with volunteers to unload and erect the set for Jack & the Beanstalk in the gymnasium while the singers and music director prepared for their classroom workshops. John, Meghan and Jóhann presented “Let’s Make an Opera!” in the music room, Ted and Tad presented “Decide! Design! Direct!” in the library and Christina and Dustin presented “Singers & Vocal Styles” in the cafeteria. After finishing up the Q&A section of the workshops, the singers departed for their dressing rooms to put on make-up and get into costume for their 9:45am performance of Jack & the Beanstalk. The performance was presented for an eager audience of over 400 students (K-5) who had many wonderful questions after the show. While the singers were getting out of costume, Anthony and volunteers took down the set and loaded it back into the truck. The troupe was then provided a delicious potluck by the teachers and staff at Novak! After a quick lunch, the eight-member troupe said their goodbyes and loaded into the van and truck to depart for their afternoon school residency (this time at Linn-Grove Elementary in Marion)! A typical day on the road for the OPERA Iowa troupe consists of two elementary school residencies. This first week contained nine school residencies (all throughout northeastern Iowa), one high school masterclass and one evening performance of The Barber of Seville for an excited audience in Manchester, Iowa. Check out a few pictures from the troupe’s first day on the road!

Classroom Workshops:

Jack & the Beanstalk:




The troupe in front of the OPERA Iowa wall at Novak Elementary!

The final numbers for Week ONE:

Jack & the Beanstalk performances: 9
The Barber of Seville performances: 1
Workshops: 25
Masterclasses: 1
Students reached: 4,150
Miles traveled: 530


Over the next eight weeks, this map is going to fill up fast! Follow OPERA Iowa on Facebook to stay up to date with the troupe’s travels. Be sure to check back for the final tour map on April 28! In the meantime, take a look at the final maps from our two previous OPERA Iowa tours below.

30th OPERA Iowa tour:

Billy Goats Gruff performances: 64
Cinderella performances: 16
Workshops: 172
Aria Concerts: 6
Masterclasses: 5
Students reached: 22,800+
Miles traveled: 6,456


29th OPERA Iowa tour:

Billy Goats performances: 69
Cinderella performances: 18
Workshops: 178
Masterclasses: 4
Aria Concerts: 4
Children reached: approx. 25,894
Miles traveled: 8,144


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